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Delivery Control

To ensure transportation safety of each shipment, we pay much attention to the packaging and loading

Transportation Safety Control

  • Only use the fixed professional logistics partners
  • Carefully check the packaging and shipping marks before delivery
  • Cover the carriage floor with plastic cloth and make necessary buffer measures around the sideboard of the truck
  • The goods must be neatly arranged on the truck
  • Do necessary reinforcement measures and cover the good with awning after loading
  • Carry several spare bags and cardboard for each shipment

Loading Supervision Control

  • Arrange specially-assigned worker to supervise the loading of goods at the port
  • Check the packaging and quantity carefully after the goods arrive
  • Check the container carefully before loading
  • Load fully in accordance with the instruction and neatly rank the goods in the container
  • Make necessary reinforcement measures to prevent the bags or pallets from slanting in the maritime transportation
  • Put the extra bag at the door of the container against unexpected needs
  • Whole process camera monitoring

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