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Characteristics of Ceramic Abrasive with Sol-Gel Method

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The ceramic abrasive with sol-gel method belongs to sintered abrasives. The grain size is very small, only 100-500mm. It is only a few million of the crystal size of ordinary corundum abrasives.


A grain size #46 ceramic abrasive contains hundreds of millions of crystals. When grinding, the traditional fused corundum abrasive is passivated after being worn away on the working face. Under the action of grinding force, the abrasive is easily detached from the abrasive tool and the service life is short. The abrasive wear process of the ceramic abrasive with sol-gel method is also the self sharpening process of the abrasive grains themselves.


During the service life, the small grains on the surface layer of the abrasive which are blunt will fall off from the abrasive grains under the action of the grinding force, and new small sharp grinding edges will be exposed continuously, so that the abrasive grains are always in a sharp state. The abrasive tool made of ceramic abrasive has the characteristics of long service life, good self sharpening, high cutting efficiency and not easy to burn the workpiece.


The ceramic abrasive with sol-gel method are different in their fracture behavior due to their different microstructures. Ceramic abrasive show intergranular fracture, while traditional corundum show transgranular fracture. The toughness of ceramic abrasive is much higher than that of traditional corundum.


The ceramic abrasive with sol-gel method are more pure than white corundum, much less impurities, and have higher hardness than white corundum. Its uniform and fine microcrystalline structure, high toughness and micro crushing properties make it widely used in grinding tool steel, various alloy steels and other refractory materials.

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